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Australia XC

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Australia XC

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The XC course is conducted from towing sites near Gunnedah, NSW, which is truly a great place to fly, due to the vast open flatlands, reliable weather and good climbs to high bases.


Our initial briefing will be held on Thursday the 8th of March, at our base in the Gunnedah Camp Site at 2000. This first brief details the retrieve and checking in systems, as well as a friendly meet and greet and overview of the area we will be flying. Our XC course starts from 9th March and we would then fly XC for the next 4 days, maximising the conditions and flying as far as possible each day.   We have kept the 13th available as a bad weather back up day in case we haven't had at least 3 good XC days.

We will be meeting in the mornings to discuss the day and plan retrieve etc. We would then head for the take off for around 10:30- 11am to launch at 11.30-12pm. We would then fly as far as possible together and, once retrieved will decide to either come home or return to launch for another flight, mind you everyone will exhausted from the BIG day that all we will want to do is head back for a beer.

If any pilots bomb out shortly after launch then the retrieve could drive down and pick-up to enable you to re-fly and catch up. The evening are long and very relaxing, which will give us chance to de-brief the flight and get ready for the next day.

Additional Info

Location Gunnedah, NSW, Australia
Site details and weather updates -
Guide / Instructor Jocky Sanderson, Roger Stanford and the Sky Out XC team
Course Fee Details

The course fee is £340, but that does not include the transport. You can also opt for a full retrieve services for an additional £120.

Accommodation Camping/cabins at Gunnedah Camp site (Henry Street), hotel/motel/B&B Gunnedah town
Flights & Transfers
Flight Logs

All bookings for the Australian SIV / XC courses are all done through our Australian course provider. Please contact Roger on to check availability and book your place.

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