Elementary Pilot (EP) Training

This is the first stage for learning to paraglide
4-5 Days : £545

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Elementary Pilot Training (EP)

This is the first stage for learning to paraglide. Most students achieve their Elementary Pilot in four-five days, these do not have to be consecutive days. The course can be spread over a short period of weekdays or weekends, dependent on the weather and your availability. Our aim is to teach you the primary skills of flying paragliders, training in very small groups of no more than 4, with all pilots given their own equipment during training. 

Jocky Sanderson is the Chief Flying Instructor and has been flying and training for 30 years. He is the manager of the British Paragliding Team. Jocky was ranked third in the world and was the captain of the British paragliding team for many years. With a wealth of experience, you couldn't be in safer hands.

We are one of the most established BHPA registered school in the United Kingdom that use the latest flying equipment, with highly experienced instructors, training in small groups amid the most beautiful flying sites of the Lake District.

Typical EP Course Plan



Starts with meeting your instructor,  learning basic skills like ground-handling and then progressing up the slope doing short bunny hop flights. You learn to keep a straight line and focussing on launch and landing techniques.



Pilots launch from further up the slope, focusing on higher flights, between 100-200 feet, completing simple flight plans and improving their flying techniques.



Consists of consolidating training with more flights up to 300 feet. These flights can be done from different flying sites to gain more experience.



Consolidation of simple flights with pilot becoming more self reliant, and taking more control while improving their launch and landing skills.



Covering basic theory of Meteorology, Principles of Flight and Air Law. These theory sessions can also be done at any suitable stage during the course, which culminates in a simple final written exam.

All students will be provided with their own student training log book, which is kept by the school and is completed by both the instructor and student at each stage of their training. This ensures students understand their briefing and only progress if they are completely happy with their performance.

Duration 4-5 Days |  Fees £545

Is flying for me ? Do I have to be fit ?

All training in paragliding is progressive, you go at your own pace, so you are comfortable with each new step before you take it. 

You have to be able to walk up and down hills at your pace, so yes you do have to be fit. If you are registered disabled, then you can get a scholarship from Flyability and come on our specialist courses using buggy's designed by us. But if you can walk then it is easy to just walk up and down from the landing to the take off.

When can I join ?

We operate within 20 miles of Keswick, from April to November, so all you have to do is call us to arrange a suitable day. Then call the office the day before you are booked to fly to confirm the weather is suitable for training. 

All being well, come to the Flight Park at 10Am on the day, where we will arrange the administration and allocate you with your own glider and equipment. We will then drive to the training site.

Is it insured?

All our training is provided in accordance with strict BHPA guidelines, who also provide the insurance with your membership, that you receive on day 1 of your training. We also offer addition personal accident insurance for an extra premium. 

You will be given a comprehensive briefing on the various options available to you at the first briefing but if you require more details the please contact the office and we will be happy to help.

Still not sure ? Why not try a taster day or a tandem flight....


It gives you the opportunity to talk to our instructors and experience the feeling of flight so that you can see if paragliding is right for you,  if you have the necessary spatial awareness, coordination and attitude to be able to fly safely.


By having a tandem flight, you become more relaxed in the air and get a better feeling for the sport. This enables you to become a more natural pilot and to know what you are aiming to achieve.


It saves you money if you decide not to go ahead. We really don't want to take your money unless you are 100% sure you want to learn.

What Next ?

After successfully completing the EP flying tasks, you will have a final assessment with your instructor and sit the EP exam. The EP rating is a primary stage and indicates you are fit for further training and qualified to en-roll on the Club Pilot Course which take 6-8 days. Although you can have a break between EP and CP, it is best to continue, as often as possible until you get your CP rating and then are released into the club environment where you can fly on your own.

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