Why do an SIV course ?

I want to learn how to 

You are welcome to reserve a spot on any of our trips, without any obligation to pay now. We can pencil you in and request payment before the start of the trip, once the travel situation resolves safely.


This SIV course has evolved and been perfected over 30 years and is probably the most famous and talked about course we offer. 
Our courses constantly evolve with glider designs and the progress in our sport.

You are taught all aspects of controlling your wing during the SIV, from deflations and wingovers to stall recovery and SATS, (if you wish). Then, when you fly XC, you have the added confidence and skill in glider control, which allows you to focus on positive things like finding lift and coring, which frees your mind and helps you fly further.

We offer 3 formats of training, to suit pilots of all levels. These formats can run in parallel during a course, so for eg, one pilot could be doing pilotage manouevres while the other is perfecting his SAT technique.


Pilotage is a mild form of an SIV course, where the pilot focuses more on glider control, manoeuvrability and sensitivity. This builds up your skillset and confidence in turning tightly, understanding the limits and using the pitch to core in thermals etc. 


SIV is designed to give pilots more confidence in their ability and know the limits of your glider. It teaches you recovery techniques for situations you may encounter during a cross-country flight, enabling you to turn a negative into a positive and fly further

Intro to Acro

We teach the main foundation acro moves and acro philosophy, including SATS,
 tail-slides acro-stall, spins,
wingovers and hello-intros

30+ years of experience

Our courses are constantly evolving  every year to match the progress in the sport, glider development and handling

1:1 training with Jocky

Although we brief and debrief as a group,  your flights are 1:1 training with just Jocky 

Tailored course plan

Routines are structured and customised to match your skillset and comfort

Life Collar & Safety Boat

All pilots are given an inflatable collar and water proof bag. We always have a safety boat with crew, ready for a swift rescue

High Quality Filming

We film all your flights in HD,  used during debriefs and available for you at the end of the course for further learning

Booking of Accommodation

We assist you in all your accommodation and transfer requirements

SIV / Pilotage Courses


We have been running our courses in Oludeniz for over 30 years & famous location of Security in Flight films. With very reliable weather and up to 1500m altitude in the flight zone, you can maximise your learning with multiple repetitions for every manoeuvre.

Courses run by Jocky Sanderson




Ideal for pilots based in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia, we run our tow courses from inland lakes in Eastern Australia. With a complete tow setup, pilots have a quick turn-around time between flights with video debriefs back at the team campsite. 

Courses run by Roger Stanford


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