We aim to continuously update this section, 
with the latest information and techniques 

using innovative camera angles and effects.


I have been flying and guiding for over 30 years, 

and together with my experienced team of guides
and friends 
we have created a series of films that
we hope will 
eventually cover all aspect of paragliding

from glider control to XC flying and more.


All chapters from our  film Security in Flight II
are now available free online :
includes Big Ears, Collapses, Stalls, Spins, Spiral Dives, Cravattes, Twists, Reserve Deployment and more



All chapters from our film Performance Flying are now available online :
includes Coring and Tracking Thermals, Inversions, Cloudbase & Transitions, Speedbar, Flatland Flying and more



An extension of our film Performance Flying,
all chapters are shot with the Ozone team pilots;
let Russel Ogden and Antoine Boisselier show you the moves


Our Recent Short Films

Send us your question and we will try to film the answer with a demo

Just Ask Joc

I hope you find these films informative and they help you improve your understanding and performance of your paraglider and flying in general. In order to keep them easy to watch, we have made them as short, with many visual references, as possible so the information is short and gets out the important aspects of the lessons.

We also have a “Just ask Jock” feature, so you just send me a simple question and we will endeavour to film the answer and share it with you and the paragliding community that watch our clips. This way we hope that we will recognise developing trends keep pilots more educated and aware of the latest paragliding news.

I hope you have some fabulous flights and I look forward to perhaps sharing the air with you in the future.

Have fun and fly safe,

Jocky Sanderson & Team Escape

Sponsor Our Films

We really enjoy making these films and sharing our knowledge with you. As you can appreciate, they cost money to produce & edit. So, as a way of assisting us to continue sharing information, we will appreciate any form of contribution from you, which will go towards production and editing costs. 

If you have learned from these clips then please help us to share more.

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