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XC Anywhere in the World !

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XC Anywhere in the World !

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At Escape, we understand that you may not always find the course dates and location that suits your requirements. So if you want to go on a XC flying trip, with a small group of pilot friends, to a new location, accompanied by a top-class flying guide, then all you have to do is let us know where, when, and how many.


We will then provide you with a bespoke guided trip plan, with breakdown of the training program, logistic schedule and the course costs required to make your trip happen !

Our typical plan will include :

  • An extremely experienced guide who is personally recommended by Jocky
  • An experienced driver/flyer/guide and retrieve vehicle
  • Complete tech support with radios, SPOT tracking and retrieve app technology
  • Pre-trip flight planning and briefing
  • In fight guidance
  • Post flight debriefs and sport coaching

We are aware that you have many different requirements and we are happy to work jointly you on the logistics and pricing to suit your group. Please go through the "additional info" above, which outlines our stamdard program offering. Once you are happy with the overall idea, send us your course enquiry, by filling in the fields in the column to the left.

Please use "Pre-booking for Bespoke Trip" as mode of payment during checkout. This ensures that there is no commitment to payment at this stage, and we will consider this as an initial enquiry, to give us an idea about what you want.

The costs shown are indicative and will vary based on your selection of group size, guiding ratio and location. Final fees will only be taken when all members of your group are happy and confirm the proposed logistics and trip plan.

We will strive to arrange the perfect XC trip for you and your friends with the best flying at the most suitable price.

Additional Info


Escape network of guides have an immense knowledge of flying sites around the world. We are always on hand to recommend the best sites and the best season to fly in the country of your choice.

Site details and weather updates

Before and during the course, the guides will send out group mails suggesting takeoff areas, flight plans and weather links, so that the group can collectively make flight plan decisions with the advice of the guide, to help maximise the group's potential and weather conditions.

Guide / Instructor

The guides we recommend are long standing associates and friends of Jocky, selected from a global network of highly experienced international guides. Jocky can personally vouch for their flying skills and dedication to pilot service.

Where possible, we will provide you a guide with local expertise. In other cases, we will fly out a guide just for your trip. No matter where you choose to fly, the guide will have pre-trip discussions and XC route plans, to enable maximum familiarization with the area.

In case we don't contract a local guide for the country you are flying in, an additional cost will be applicable for the guide's airfare and travel. As a general guideline, anywhere in Europe, would be about 500 pounds for a week, and outside of Europe, it would be about 1000 pounds, divided by the group.

Course Fee Details

In order to provide best value for money, our base cost is £550 per pilot for a 7 day trip. This covers the fees for the guide and the retrieve service and is estimated for a minimum group size of 5 pilots.

Most courses are run with a 9-seat minibus, with a lead guide, driver/guide, and upto 7 available seats for our clients. If, as a group, you wish you to book 7 people, then the price per pilot would be reduced, but you must be aware and accept that the level of guidance will not be as intense.

If you want to go with a smaller group, or you want more intense and personalised coaching, this can be arranged too, at an additional reflective cost.

When you make a booking, in the left hand column, please key in your group size and then select your preferred guide ratio (1:7, 1:6, 1:5, 1:4, 1:3, 1:2 and 1:1) to see the costs/per pilot. While making a booking, please add the number of pilots in your group to the final quantity.

In case all this sounds complicated, just give us a call or drop us an email !


Standard trips do not include accommodation costs. Although we will be more than happy to recommend options, based on our experience of that local area, and we could also book it, on your behalf, passing on any costs to be divided by the group.

Usually, pilots make their own arrangements. This allows flexibility to the group and budget, allowing you to either rough it out in campsites and tents or go the posh way. You can also choose to go Vol Bivouac if the group is up for the adventure !

Wherever you stay, we will always have an agreed central briefing location for each flying day.

Flights & Transfers

It is always best to travel as a group or at least arrive at similar times the night before the course to simplify transfers.

Usually, our driver and mini-bus will transfer pilots to and fro from the airport at the beginning and end of each trip.

  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinications
  • Visas
  • Escape risk acceptance form
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