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Shumen, Bulgaria XC2

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Shumen, Bulgaria XC2

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Shumen in Bulgaria is known for its epic conditions in August, Shumen offers a launch to suit every wind direction and the potential to fly multiple 200km+ flights in the flatlands !


Shumen is a location famous for its easily accessible starts, which allow taking off in all directions of the wind. Because of its flatland relief, and a very consistent weather pattern in August, long distance flights are achievable here, for competent pilots. The national record is of 350km, set from this site.

Checkout the flights flown from here on Leonardo, to see the potential and scope this place offers >>

Our aim is to have everyone getting personal bests and making the most out of the conditions. We invite you to join us on this adventure to push our XC limits, on a quest for multiple 200km+ flights !! This XC trip is all about flying far and fast, with a group of good pilots who know each other's flying styles well, and can make the most of flying together in close gaggles to work the flatlands to their max potential.

We've kept the duration of this trip to 10 days, during which we will be pushing distance from day one. Although we are offering a full retrieve service, no matter how far you fly, be prepared for long and tiring journeys back each day, we will urge all pilots to fly as per their stamina and endurance limits and take rest days as required, to make the most of each day that you chose to fly.

The trip cost of £1,500 includes XC guidance, airport transfers, accommodation with breakfast, daily mountain transport and a full retrieve service, no matter how far you fly each day !

As this is our first exploratory trip, we are taking only a small group of pilots who have been flown with us long distances regulary and we are aware of their skills and capabilities. If you are interested in joining us for this trip, please send us a mail at Once we confirm your place, you can then make the full payment.

Additional Info

Location Shumen, Bulgaria
Site details and weather updates
Guide / Instructor Geordie Petts
Course Fee Details

The guiding fees for the 10 day flying trip are £750. For an additional logistic cost of £750 we will provide airport transfers, twin-sharing accommodation with breakfast, daily mountain transport and a full retrieve service, no matter how far you fly each day !

Flights & Transfers Nearest airports are Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas and Bucharest. The Escape team will be flying into Varna airport.
Flight Logs

Have a look at the flights flown from here, every August, to see the potential this place has to offer :,cat:0,class:all,xctype:all,club:all,pilot:0_0,takeoff:9615&sortOrder=FLIGHT_KM

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