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Colombia XC 1

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Colombia XC 1

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You will be flying at a time when the weather in the northern hemisphere is still in the icy grip of winter, and you will be returning to Europe ready for the beginning of the XC season, fresh and firing on all cylinders. The trip includes guiding, briefings, air-to-air training and lectures. For an additional fee, we will also manage the transport, B&B accommodation for 13 nights.


January 19 - 30, 2020 (12 flying days!)

These have been fabulous trips the last few years and will be again ! I went there 20 years ago on a recce for the PWC and to teach some locals, it was stunning. The countryside, the people, the wildlife and the flying sites were all fantastic. I came back and said "we should have a comp in Roldanillo" but they thought is wasn't safe enough at that time. Politics and opinions have changed in recent years and two years ago, 2013, saw the PWC Superfinal held at Roldanillo and all pilots loved it, thanks to the great flying. 

On a typical day you will be driven up to the take off. There you'll be given a team brief. Once everyone is ready, we'll set a task to fly and then take off together, flying as far as possible, under radio guidance, as a team. One of us will be with the first group and the other guides will be positioned throughout the pack, with the last one bringing up the rear. After a few days into the trip, we may change to position ourselves to look after the pilots who may need more coaching.

Our aim is to have everyone getting personal bests and making the most out of the conditions, so please feel free to ask loads of questions and make sure you sap us of all knowledge. To give you an idea, this year we flew everyday and 40/50km was a common average.

The launches are generally smooth but steep and grassy with a gentle up-slope breeze. As XC pilots, you should all be good enough to fly from there with no problems so there won't always be a take-off instructor there. Please remember that you must be self-reliant and be able to make your own decisions. If you bomb out then it is sometimes possible get a lift back up to take-off for another go.

With regard to radios, make sure they're 2-metre band. Most electrical equipment these days will take a 110 or 220 volt charge, but it's up to you to check your gear. You may need to get a 110 volt to 220v transformer.

We will start at 10AM on January 19th and finish at 5pm on 30th Jan. After the briefing, we will go up to launch, treating it as a relaxing orientation thermalling flight to get pilots familiar with the area and their kit and blow away the cobwebs. The big Xc's will start on the second day, where we start the day at 09:30.

Additional Info

Location Different sites in the Cauca valley region of Colombia varying from Roldanillo, where the PWC superfinal was held in 2014, then on to Ansermanuevo and Jerico, based on the weather conditions.
Site details and weather updates

Paragliding Earth has lots of information on flying sites in Colombia including tracklogs, photos and much more. Here are a list of co-ordinates for the flying sites that we plan to visit. Use them with Google Earth to check out the terrain, you can also pre-load them into your instruments.

  • Piedechinche (Belo Horizonte) take off N 3d38'11" W 76d10'38"
  • Roldanillo (compe) take off N 4d28'35" W 76d9'12"
  • Ansermanuevo take off N4d48'50" W 76d0'22"
  • Ansermanuevo landing N 4d48'3" W 75d59'27"
Guide / Instructor Geordie Petts
Course Fee Details

This will be a 12 day tour of these great sites, you will sometimes be staying on farms, so that you really get a feel for the country, the culture and the people as well as the flying. The tour part of the trip will cost £775. Our guiding fees will be £800. So the 12-day package price is around £1575.

Included in total package :

  • Guiding on a ratio of about 5:1
  • Transportation to all the take offs
  • Retrieve wherever the Pilot Lands (GPS Coordinates)
  • Tickets to the take offs (In Colombia we pay most of the take offs a value between 1 and 2 Euro per day per Pilot) but you will find the best take offs of the world..

Not Included :

  • Air Tickets to Colombia
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Insurance
  • Visa Expenses
Flights & Transfers

We will be flying into Pereira Airport on 18th January, which is about 1hr 45min away from La Union. After settling in, we will use Ansermanuevo as our first flying site.

For those travelling from the UK, are offering the best deal at the moment.

The last flying day is the 30th Jan, and we will be booking flights out from Pereira on 31st Jan.

For airport transfers, we will collect pilots from Pereira airport (at a time that works for most of the group) on 19th Jan and drive down to La Union.  At the end of the trip, we will drive all pilots down to the airport in the morning of 31st Jan. In case your flight time does not match our transfer service time, or you decide to fly in and out of Cali Airport, we can organise a taxi for you at an additional cost.



Check your visa’s. The Brits do not need one providing we are staying less than 3 months and have a passport valid for at less 6 months. Our Canadian and American pilots will need visas.


Make sure you have the correct vaccinations for the area. Tell the doctor you will be in an urban area as opposed to the Amazon. Give yourself plenty of time to get them as having them all at once can be a pain in the arse literally ! You don’t need malaria injections/drugs as there are few mosquito’s. Obviously seek correct advice. Bring proof of your vaccinations with you as they can ask for proof at the airport.

There are certain vaccinations recommended for visitors to Colombia.

Recommended for all travellers are:

Yellow fever


Hepatitis A

Vaccinations sometimes recommended for high risk groups are:

Hepatitis B



Cali and the Cauca valley where we will be, are in an area of Colombia where the Malaria situation is said to be "low or no risk"

For more information for UK residents, please go to  


ALL PILOTS MUST HAVE FULL "FLY YOU HOME" PARAGLIDING MEDICAL INSURANCE FOR THE ENTIRE TRIP. Airsports can insure any pilot from any country so if you need insurance call on + 44 1983 298480.

Flight Logs

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