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Billing, India - Intro to XC 1

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Billing, India - Intro to XC 1

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This early October Intro to XC trip in Billing is for more relaxed thermal flying and smaller XC’s of about 15-40 km per day, with the occasional big one, if the weather and your ability permits.


Thanks for your interest in coming to Billing, India. Soar high along the stunning mountain range, with the gentle flatlands to your south and the spectacular back drop of the Himalayas to your north. This is flying utopia and a wonderful place to discover by air!

The plan is to arrive into Billing in the evening of 7th Oct and to have an orientation day on the 8th, and then fly, 100% until the 14th October. That gives us 7 days flying in total. We aim to focus on one XC flight per day, going up to launch for 11am and getting ready to launch for about 12-1pm.

This Intro to XC trip in Billing is for more relaxed thermal flying and smaller XC’s of about 15-40 km per day, with the occasional big one, if the weather and your ability permits. But the main idea is that it’s about enjoying and working on your thermalling and coring skills locally, with small XC’s and less pressure than shooting of attempting the BIG distances every day. The conditions at this time of the year are kinder and lend themselves to easier flying too.

We want you to get 100% from the trip, so please feel free to ask many questions.


Paragliding in Bir - BBC India Business Report from Jocky Sanderson on Vimeo.

Additional Info

Location Bir / Billing, Himachal Pradesh, India
Site details and weather updates

Click HERE for more site details from Paragliding Earth 

Guide / Instructor Geordie Petts
Course Fee Details Guiding fee is £650 for the seven flying days.
Flights & Transfers

You will need Visa's to travel in India, the best site to go to for all the required information is VFS Global. It can take a while and they are very good but posting your passport away may take a week or so, unless you go for the fast track option, so make sure you research it and get everything correct prior to booking your visa appointment.

You could meet us at Delhi airport at that time, then we can share the next internal flight from Delhi to Dharamsala. This is a flight that we will organise from India. So if you want us to book you on that flight, or another, then let us know. It is entirely possible and fine, for you to arrange your own travel to Bir, either by bus, train or plane.


Pilots who are joining us for this trip, please ensure you complete the below tasks :

  • Mandatory Requirement : You must have at least 50 hrs airtime, preferably in a thermic environment
  • 1. Familiarize yourself with typical flying routes by studying the logs from our previous trips HERE

    2. Have a valid insurance that covers paragliding

    3. All students must read and complete Escape's Risk Manual.

    Flight Logs

    Click here to look at the classic routes flown by our team from Billing

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