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Annecy SIV

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Annecy SIV

Availability : Fully Booked


Over the gorgeous Lake Annecy in France, you are taught all aspects of controlling your wing during the SIV from deflations and wingovers to stall recovery and SATS, (if you wish). Then, you should be able to fly XC with the added confidence and skill in glider control, which allows you to focus on positive things like finding lift and coring, which free's your mind and helps you fly further.


Conditions can be cool in early summer, especially early in the morning before the sun is on the Forclaz take off, so please bring warm flying gear but do not fly with anything that you do not want getting wet, i.e cameras, vario's, phones etc. 

You will be provided with an inflatable bouyancy collar and a water proof radio bag. We will be using 2-metre band radios so if you need to hire one please let Escape know before the course. Hire fee is £25 per week.

You will be given briefings prior to each flight and in-flight instruction over the radio by Jocky beneath you in the safety boat, followed by an individual de-brief using video footage of your flight where appropriate.

The idea of this course is to give you confidence in your ability to control your glider, so you must be able to hear the radio and understand the flight tasks you are asked to do. If you are not sure of any instruction given then please ask, we are here to help. 

We want you to enjoy this course and get a great deal out of it so ask questions and have a positive attitude. If you don't want to do any of the manouvres then let us know and we will change you flight program. We can do any flight manouvres to suit your ability and confidence. The flight training schedule has been carefully designed to be progressive and maximise your training at an achievable pace, however, you can tailor each flight to your own personal requirements if you wish.

You will not be expected to move onto the next SIV flight program unless you are happy and confident to go on. Finally remember that you are the pilot in control and you have the final say with regards your own safety. 

The normal schedule of this course is;

Initial introductions, briefing and admin at 10.00am Sunday morning at our chalet at the Nubliere campsite followed by an orientation xc flight.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday SIV with up to 3 flights each day.

Thursday and Friday XC flying

We are only there to give advice and guide, therefore building your flying experience and confidence. You are all qualified and experienced enough to make your own decisions. If in doubt ask.

Additional Info

Location Near Annecy, France. SIV flights take place from the Forclaz take off, landing at the dedicated SIV landing field on the shore at the south end of the lake in Nubliere campsite, where we usually stay. We fly up to three SIV flights per day. XC flights will start from any of a number of take offs in the Annecy area. We will always try to use the launch site which is likely to give us the best flight according to the day's conditions.
Guide / Instructor

The majority of the SIV instruction will be provided by Jocky from the rescue boat. Josh is normally on the beach filming all of your manouvres during SIV and Chris White is on take off to answer any questions you may have regarding the manouvres, to help with your preparation and launch and generally look after you. Chris and Josh, who are both very experienced at flying XC in the Alps and especially in the Annecy area, work with Jocky as a team, guiding during the XC days .

Course Fee Details

Once you have decided on suitable dates, the website online payments are now very easy giving you these choices of payment methods;

Credit/Debit cards through Sagepay


Bank transfer

Cheque or money order


The course price is £685 and includes;

3 days of SIV training.

3 days of XC flying around the Annecy area.

A back up day each Friday if the flying schedule is interupted by the weather.

Transport to take off and retrieves during XC flying.

We can also arrange airport pickups (from Geneva) when you have made your travel arrangements. (see flights and transfers below) 

Before paying for your course, please click on the "risk manual",and have a thorough read of it before proceedingto the checkout.



We stay at the Nubliere Camping site, which is situated at the south end of lake Annecy and now incorporates the official SIV landing field. If you stay in one of the chalets it will cost about 20 euros per person per night.  You can also camp here or park up in your mobile home. For those who need directions to the campsite, or if you wish to have a peek at where we stay, please click on where you will also find prices and facilities.

 There are all kinds of accommodation locally to suit all tastes and budgets and you are obviously free to stay in any of the other campsites, gites or hotels in the area but please bear in mind that the course will be based at the Nubliere campsite.

We will send out group emails so that you can make contact with other course participants if you would like to share a chalet.

If you would like any advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

Mobile Numbers of guiding crew :

Instructors/ guides mobile numbers are as follows so please write them on a card or put them into your phones...

  • Jocky's mobile is +44 7771 783336 
  • Chris's Mobile is +44 77687 32596
  • Tim's mobile is +447775687678
Flights & Transfers

We do not do airport transfers, as the minibus is often busy picking pilots up, but there is a good bus service from Geneva airport to Annecy, that runs every 30 minutes. When you arrive into Annecy station, you change  onto the Albertville bus, Number 51, the company is called Crolard.  You need to get off at the Bout du Lac stop, which is just before Dousard and right outside the entrance of a number of campsites, so you need to walk 200m up the road to the entrance of the Nubliere camp site.
If you are arriving late, and may wish to taxi share, then feel free to email this group with your arrival times and maybe you can hook up with each other and save money. If you do get a taxi, make sure it is a French one, preferably from the Dousard area,  these can be found on the internet, as the ones outside the airport can be expensive.

Site details and weather updates The SIV flights will take place from the Forclaz (Montmin) take off which is around 800m above lake Annecy. Cross country flights will start from which ever take off in the Annecy area offers the best opportunities on that particular day.

So that we can be familiar with the gliders, and for logistics and admin, we need your name, glider make and colour, you mobile number, with country code, your airtime and paragliding licence number, and the name of your insurance company. Can you please email your details to ( All pilots must be current members of your national paragliding association.

We assume that you will arrive with a suitable glider, reserve parachute and harness.

You will also need a 2m radio (which you can hire from us for £25 per week, please pre book), as well as flight instruments for the XC days.

The first briefing will take place in our team Chalet at the campsite at 10.00am on Saturday. You will need to have the following...

  1. All the risk forms returned if you have not already posted them in. For a copy click here.
  2. Proof of insurance. France has free helicopter rescue but it is wise to get airsports or other travel insurance that covers paragliding.
  3. If you want to buy a glider, or test fly one, please contact us as we can offer at least £395 discount to course members.
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