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Australia SIV - 1

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Australia SIV - 1

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The most talked about course in the paragliding world is coming back to Australia. Enrol early to avoid disappointment as many pilots have expressed interest. Why go to Turkey, France or Brazil just to do this course when Jocky is coming to you?


SIV stands for 'Simulation d'Incident en Vol' and roughly translated means simulating incidents in flight. It covers all aspects of controlling your wing during the SIV from deflations and wingovers to stall recovery and SATS, (if you wish). It develops flying skills and builds confidence in yourself and your wing, enabling you to maximise your performance and make the most out of your airtime.

The course is suitable for any licensed pilot, from novice to advanced, who wants to develop their skills and explore their wings performance. Whether it's your first time, or you are coming back yet again with a new wing, there is always something to learn in a SIV course - particularly over a lake with a rescue boat on standby and with the reassurance of Jocky's expert advice.

The plan is as below :

2nd March : Briefing 1600hrs - Lake Keepit
3th-5th March : Course
6th March : Bad weather day

Additional Info

Location These SIV courses are scheduled to be run at Lake Burrendong in the NSW Central Tablelands district - 30mins from the town of Wellington.
Guide / Instructor The SIV course with Jocky Sanderson has been perfected over twenty years in multiple countries.
Course Fee Details -
Accommodation Camping at Lake Burrendong (Cabins are available), B&B/Motels at Wellington
Flights & Transfers -
Site details and weather updates

Winch Launch

SIV flights will primarily be winch launched using a boat. Sky Out Paragliding have purchased a new Cloud Street Super Winch for the course. This is a state of the art pay-out and pay-in winch and recognised as the best in the world. Note, if conditions allow we may also car tow from the lake shore. 2 boats will be used for the course: a 5.5m bow rider with winch for launch, and rescue and a rubber ducky as back-up.

Winch Endorsement Clinics

All pilots will be required to have tow endorsement prior to the start of the SIV course. A series of endorsement clinics will be run in before course commencement to assist pilots requiring an endorsement. Contact Roger to express your interest and several clinics will be scheduled with tow endorsed instructors to meet demand. Alternatively you can contact your favourite instructor or club for local tow endorsement.

Flight Logs

All bookings for the Australian SIV / XC courses are all done through our Australian course provider. Please contact Roger on to check availability and book your place.

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