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Turkey Debag

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Turkey Debag

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Debagging has been such fun that we’ve now added it to our Turkey course offerings. You can do it either on a course with us, starting your SIV/Acro (or even Pilotage !) flight from a Debag or if you are around and fancy a little thrill, then you can sign up for a one-off Debag flight with us.


If you would like to do a one-off Debag flight, you can select and pay for it here. And we will schedule your flight between 24th Sept - 8th Oct, 2016, while our team is out in Oludeniz, Turkey.

Our 2016 April Turkey tour started with our very own Chris White popping his debag cherry, continued with 10 adrenaline fueled and exhilarating deployments from our group pilots and then the icing on the cake was Foram Pandya, our first female pilot, debagging on the last day !

We hope you enjoy the short film of our adventures, which we think captures the giddiness and thrill of what Debag flights are all about.

Addicated to Debag from Jocky Sanderson on Vimeo.

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As seen in all our films, we fly in Olu Deniz on Turkey's Turquoise Coast. Apart from offering some stunning flying, Turkey is one of the friendliest and most surprising countries we have visited. Superb ancient Roman and Lycian sites, dramatic inland and coastal scenery, excellent food, and a rich culture combining the best of Europe and Asia, provide a splendid backdrop to some brilliant flying. Once you have made your first visit to Turkey, there is a good chance you'll already be planning your next trip on the flight home!

Baba Dag provides a beautiful introduction to mountain flying. Flying close to the rocks and trees or out, a vertical mile above an unbelievably turquoise sea, even low airtime pilots can experience the full measure of our exhilarating sport. Our world-wide mountaineering and mountain flying experience is integral to the safety and development of your flying.

Guide / Instructor Jocky Sanderson & Johan Eriksson
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The Debag Flight includes mountain transport, packing your glider in a debag, a tandem takeoff with debag and instruction from boat after deployment. We will also provide a waterproof radio bag and life jacket for your flight.

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