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Israel XC Tour

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Israel XC Tour

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After the success of our first trip to Israel in 2018, we are very excited about our second paragliding trip to this beautiful, diverse country. Sites and conditions should be suitable for most levels of pilot skill in this amazing historical area.

April is considered spring time in Israel, and should give us the opportunity to fly several fascinating and diverse sites before the weather settles down and becomes stable with a constant wind direction for the summer months.

Imagine soaring the eastern shoreline of the Mediteranean, north of the city of Tel Aviv, along cliffs and sand dunes, leading on to soar the tower blocks and hotels of Natanya, then the next day perhaps flying XC from Mt Tavor over the sea of Galilee on to the Golan Heights.

We also plan to go back to fly at the Dead Sea, where we had fantastic flying this spring. We took off at 7 meters below sea level, flew for and hour and a half landing 25km further north and 407 meters below sea level!!

Spring time in Israel hosts the migration for many bird species. You will most likely be soaring and thermalling alongside great bird species migrating between Africa and Europe, this year we had the pleasure of flying with gaggles of hundreds of storks, an unforgettable experience. 


This is a 10 day tour, lead by Chris White working with expert local guide and instructor, Ira Yifa, to explore the flying and XC potential in Israel as well as making some time for sightseeing in this fascinating and beautiful country.

Please book flights to arrive in Tel Aviv late afternoon on Monday 8th April, we ten have 10 days to enjoy the flying and culture before flying out as late as possible on Thursday 18th. You may choose to get a hotel near the airport and spend some time exploring Tel Aviv and the surrounding area after the course finishes.

We visited Israel for the first time in 2018, and it was the most memorable country I have had the pleasure of visiting since Jocky and I went to Siberia for the first time in 2004. We worked with Ira last year, he is an excellent pilot and instructor as well as being informative, knowledgeable and a very nice guy.

The food is delicious, the accommodation clean and comfortable, the roads are relatively quiet and of a high standard and the people are welcoming and friendly.

There are a number of flying sites that we visited in 2018, form an early morning hike and fly back to our accommodation in time for breakfast, to flying cross country fro Mt Tavor (near Nazareth) across the sea of Galilee and on to the Golan heights as well as costal soaring along the cliffs, sand dunes and skyscrapers on the mediteranean coast near Netanya and, on our final day, a superb flight high above the Dead Sea and surrounding desert.

Apart from flying, Israel has a wealth of other attractions. You may want to take the opportunity to float in the Dead Sea, visit Jeresulam or Bethlehem, stand on the edge of the world's largest crater, go scuba diving or snorkling, or even take an extra couple of days at the end of the trip to do some more sight seeing in Israel, Egypt or Jordan.

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Location Flying sites in Israel, coastal flying on the Mediterranean, cross country flying in the Galilee area as well as the deserts near the Dead Sea.
Site details and weather updates

Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor is shaped almost like a half-sphere, located 9KM east of Nazareth, at the north-east corner of the Yizrael (Jezreel) Valley. It is a round steep hill 613M above sea level. The Catholic Church at the top is well visible from afar.

Mount Tabor is strategically located on the main north-south ancient road, and for most Christians it is a Holy mountain - "The Mount of Transfiguration".  It was an important fortress during the First and Second Temple, Greek, Roman and Crusaders times.

On a typical day, we are able to soar above Nazareth and fly eastwards towards the Sea of Galilee, landing along the Israeli - Jordanian border.

Mevo Hama

Mevo Hama is located at the southern part of the Golan Heights and overlooks the Sea of Galilee. It is quite common for us to take off at Mount Tabor and land at Mevo Hama, thereafter ending the day’s activity with a calm afternoon flight capturing the sunset.

Zikhron Yaakov

Zikhron Ya'akov is the lowest and most western take off sites in Israel, and is located in the southern slope of the Carmel Mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Typical flights from this site aim to soar eastwards, crossing Yizrael Valley, Mount Tabor, and the Sea of Galilee.

Guide / Instructor Chris White
Course Fee Details The course fees of £700 include the site permissions and guiding for the 10 day tour.
Accommodation Accommodation will be organised on a bed & breakfast basis, with 2 pilots sharing a room. Addon charges for the accomodation, mountain transport and retrieve will £600.
Flights & Transfers Tel Aviv is served by Easyjet as well as other airlines. Current prices from London are around £300 per person return. Please book flights to arrive in Tel Aviv late afternoon on Monday 8th April and return flights as late as possible on the evening of Thursday 18th, or on Friday 19th and book a hotel overnight near the airport.
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