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Ohrid, Macedonia SIV

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Ohrid, Macedonia SIV

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To help you maximise your potential and see as much of Macedonia's stunning landscapes and lakes, we have structured this 7 day course into two segments of XC in the beautiful Krushevo region of Macedonia & SIV training at the stunning Lake Ohrid.

The course will start at 9am on July 7th and finish in the evening of 13th July.

You will learn all aspects of controlling your wing during the SIV. Then, you should be able to fly XC with the added confidence and skill in glider control, which allows you to focus on positive things like finding lift and coring, which frees your mind and helps you fly further.


SIV is about "Simulating Situations in Flight" and learning how to deal with them in a safe environment under the guidance of an instructor. These “situations” may range from canopy collapses (of which there are several different sorts), pitching, stalls and spins; another major part is also perfecting your rapid descent techniques. It also teaches you about the handling characteristics of your wing at the edges of its flight envelope. What it will feel like just prior to an unstable situation and how to make the correct inputs at the right time if it does become unstable. We guide pilots under radio supervision through a progressive set of manoeuvres to build their understanding and confidence in handling their paraglider and building up to more complicated manoeuvres.

The SIV flight training schedule has been carefully designed to be progressive and maximise your training at an achievable pace, however, you can tailor each flight to your own personal requirements if you wish. We will aim to complete 6 SIV flights during the SIV segment. If the tows are high, the syllabus can be completed in 5 flights. Based on how the group is performing and the weather conditions, we may have 1 to max 3 flights each day.

Here is a typical example of the SIV course flight schedule :
Flight 1 : B-line, Symmetric, Big ears
Flight 2 : Symmetric Tuck + Accelerated Symmetric Tuck + Asymmetric Tuck
Flight 3 : Accelerated asymmetric Tuck + Hold on tuck and fly straight + complete 360 turn then release tuck
Flight 4 : Search for stall + Search for Spin + Search for flat spin + Turn reversals (1 x 360 left 1 x 360 right)
Flight 5 : Stalls + 90 turns
Flight 6 : Spirals

Please note this schedule is for reference only and may change due to weather and pilot ability. You will only be asked to do manoeuvres you are comfortable with and capable of performing.

We want you to fly with as little stress as possible, in an exciting and progressive way. You are all individual, and although we brief and de-brief as a group, all your SIV flights are 1 to 1, so you can perform any manoeuvre and routine, providing you have been briefed to do it prior to taking off. We can take off, or add on, any moves that would help you increase your confidence and glider control skills. Also you can throw your reserve on the last flight, if you are keen to join a very exclusive club, and get a full understanding of reserve deployment.

We do film your flights with an HD camera, and sometimes use the footage to assist with the individual de-briefings, which is really useful. At the end of the course you can give us a USB disc to download the folder of your flights, free of charge. Viewing this footage in your own time helps you analyse and reflect on your piloting skill and gives you something to show your friends and family.

You will be provided with an inflatable bouyancy collar and a water proof radio bag. We will be using 2-metre band radios so if you need to hire one please let us know before the course. Hire fee is £30 per week.

Ozone Krushevo Open Competition :

All participants of this course will get an assured entry in to the Krushevo Open Competition (provided you have your licence and insurance in place). The competition dates are 14th July to 20th July (registration on 13th July). More details about the competition can be found here

Jocky Sanderson will hold a pre-comp talk for the group, giving you tips for your first competition, using your instruments, speed to fly, strategies and psychology.

Additional Info


Mountain Launch / Towed SIV flights will be conducted at Lake Ohrid. We fly up to three SIV flights per day.

We will always try to use the launch site which is likely to give us the best flight according to the day's conditions.

Site details and weather updates

Towed SIV :

All SIV flights will be conducted at Lake Ohrid, which is about 3 hours drive away from Krushevo. The flights will be all towed starts from the beach.

Guide / Instructor

SIV Training with Debu Choudhury

Course Fee Details

The course fees of £495 are for the SIV training


During the SIV segment, we will be staying at the shores of Lake Ohrid.

We will be staying here on a twin sharing basis.  We have also organised a logistics package which includes :

- Airport transfers
- Accommodation with breakfast
- Packed lunch
- Daily mountain transport and retrieves

For this complete logistic package, the add-on cost will be £500 for 9 nights, during the course.

We have booked the places for our group for 20st July checkin and 25th July checkout.

Flights & Transfers

You can either fly into Skopje international Airport in Macedonia (which is about 2 hrs away) or Thessaloniki Airport in Greece (which is about 4 hours away). We will organise a mini-bus to pick you up at the airport.

Plan to arrive into Krushevo on 20th July, so you can settle in by evening and relax. The course will run from 21st July to 25th July (5 days).

You can then fly out on 26th July from the airport of your choice.


We assume that you will arrive with a functional paraglider, harness and reserve parachute (we are happy to check it for you) You will also need;

  • 2m radio ( these can be hired from us at £30 per week)
  • Medical & repatriation insurance which covers paragliding

For the SIV segment, we will be providing you with a life vest and a waterproof bag for your radio.

Please ensure that you have filled in and understood our acceptance of risk form on our website.

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