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Retrieve APP - Indi Bindi

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Retrieve APP - Indi Bindi

An android based app for XC pilots. With just a few clicks, this APP enables paraglider / hang glider pilots to tell your retrieve bus your precise location and what you are planning to do.


For convenience, the APP remembers your name, bus mobile numbers and your favorite GPS co-ordinate format.

You only have to decide what to tell the retrieve bus, wait for a GPS fix and hit Send.

For convenience the pilot messages are picked from a pre-set list of likely XC flying scenarios, but these can be customized very easily by editing the "Retrieve.txt" file which is created in your Download directory.

Different languages can be used in each message which can be useful, for example, when the pilots speak no Spanish and the drivers speak no English or vice-versa.

The composed message is also saved to your clipboard. So if you need to modify the message on-the-fly, after the GPS fix, just quit the Retrieve APP and paste into your SMS message client and edit before sending.

This APP is intended to work in conjunction with the Retriever Bus APP but also works standalone. If not using the Retriever Bus APP, the SMS message includes a Google maps link that the driver can simply click on.

Up to four retrieve buses can be included. To set a bus mobile number either type it in directly or touch the little red bus icon and pick it from your mobile contacts.

To reassure the pilot their message has been received by the bus, the SMS delivery progress is tracked & reported for each bus number.

The emphasis is on convenience so pilots don't have to transcribe complicated co-ordinates from their varios and can send their status message as soon as they land and then get on with packing up, making the retrieve process as efficient and enjoyable as possible for pilots and retrieve drivers.

The XC Pilot Retriever Bus APP (downloaded separately) combines all the pilots, live tracks and buses in a single map on a tablet in each bus so that the drivers can co-ordinate and plan their retrieves effectively

Benefits to retrieve drivers and pilots:

  • No errors transcribing complicated GPS co-ordinates
  • The pilot composes and sends an email or SMS to the retrieve driver with just a few clicks
  • It’s so quick, pilots are more likely to send it as soon as they land and then get on with packing up
  • Pilots are more likely to send an update when their situation changes, so the retrieve is kept up to date
  • Lots of co-ordinate formats are supported
  • In the retrieve bus, a map is provided showign the list of pilots needing retrieve (see example screenshots)

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App Developed By :

This app is the initiative of Indy Flyer, an excellent pilot with 1000s of hours airtime. He loves to code in his spare time and has selflessly developed this wonderful app to benefit the flying community. Indy has been flying for years and we travel as gentlemen around the world.


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