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2. Elementary Pilots Course (4 days)

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2. Elementary Pilots Course (4 days)

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This is the first stage. Most students achieve their Elementary Pilot in four days, these do not have to be consecutive days. The course can be spread over a short period of weekdays or weekends (dependent on the weather and your availability).


Our aim is to teach you the primary skills of flying paragliders. Having completed the basic skills on your first day you will now start to achieve much higher flights up to around 200 feet. You will also learn how to turn the glider up to 180 degrees, be taught a different launch technique so you that you can fly in stronger wind. You will learn to make simple flight plans for yourself and be able to land in a designated area.

All students will be provided with their own "Student training log book", which is kept by the school and is completed by both the instructor and student at each stage of the training schedule to ensure students understand their briefing and they only progress if they are completely happy with their performance.

The course includes some basic theory that covers Air Law, Principles of Flight and Meteorology. After successfully completing the flying tasks, you will have a final assessment with your instructor and sit the EP exam. Achieving an EP rating simply passes you 'fit for further training' and qualifies you to enroll on the Club Pilot course.


In addition to Hill launching, escape use a winch to teach you the basic skills needed to safely fly a paraglider. The key advantages of winch training are that it is a relatively quick, easy and above all safe teaching method

With none of the complications of learning early skills on a hill, a typical student will complete their paragliding course in a few weeks, rather than months or years using traditional teaching methods. All courses start with safety and basic theory but you will usually progress to your first flight by lunchtime. During early flights you will be just a few feet from the ground but covering distances of up to 500 metres. As you progress you fly higher on each flight and with no hill to climb between flights you will maintain better concentration and typically complete five or six training flights a day. Teaching is progressive and once you have mastered the basic skills on the winch we can easily convert you to hill flying. If your aim is to fly tandem we can do that too.

Still not sure ? Why not try our Tandem or Taster

There are two great ways to see if you will like Paragliding before you commit to a full course. the Taster Day or Tandem flight. The good news is that if you complete a taster day or tandem flight and go on to do the full course we'll credit £100, (for taster), or £50 (for tandem), against the full EP course fee.

We offer a taster day or tandem flight for four very good reasons:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to talk to our instructors and experience the feeling of flight so that you can see if paragliding is right for you.

  2. It gives us the opportunity to see if you have the necessary spatial awareness, coordination and attitude to be able to fly safely.

  3. It saves you money if you decide not to go ahead. We really don't want to take your money unless you are 100% sure you want to learn.

  4. By having and tandem you become more relaxed in the air and get a better feeling for the sport. This enables you to become a more natural pilot and to know what you are aiming to achieve

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