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Flyability is a registered charity dedicated to offering financial support to those with disabilities who want to experience or learn the sports of paragliding and hang gliding.

We use equipment designed specifically for those with disabilities as well as standard equipment, depending on the needs of the individual.

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Flyability have a range of specialist equipment that have been developed by experts over the decades in an attempt to be able to paraglide with people with a large spectrum of disabilities.

The buggies we use allow standard paragliding harnesses to be incorporated.

The harness is secured to the buggy and the passenger by means of webbing straps, similar to seatbelts. The straps pass through holes in the buggy, then around the thighs and waist and are then adjusted and secured

We sometimes need to pad the buggy with a silicone cushion or other padding to ensure the passenger's comfort, safety and enjoyment of the flight.

Most of the buggies are designed with  pneumatic tyres and suspension to insulate the passenger from most bumps on take off or landing.

The passenger sits in a comfortable seated position and is supported from the shoulders to the feet. (other equipment with less support is sometimes used depending on individual requirements) .

For Take-off, assistance is often required, this is standard practice with most tandem flying.

During flight, the pilot can adjust the flying position of the buggy to ensure maximum comfort for the passenger.

Normal verbal communication is possible between the pilot and passenger at all times.

On landing , the pilot should ensure that the wheels touch down first to make landing, possibly on rough ground, as smooth as possible.

Any club or school can apply to use the buggie providing they have an experienced, suitably qualified tandem pilot and instructor, and they follow rules and regulations in the BHPA Tech Manual. If you are interested in using one of the buggies please call for a chat.

Additional Info

Site details and weather updates
  • Weather - Paragliding is weather dependent, we cannot fly in wind speeds over 15 mph, in wet weather or bad visibility.
  • Health & Fitness - When foot-launching, you must be able to run 10+ metres. If you have a heart condition, back problems or any other condition that we should be aware of, please give us a call to discuss your flight.
  • Physically Challenged - We have a specially designed wheel chair and the experience to take people who are physically challenged.
  • Insurance - included and covers the passenger for third party and public liability. Passengers will be talked through insurance details and given a form to sign prior to take-off.
  • Dress - Similar to fell walking, strong ankle supportive boots and warm comfortable clothing.
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