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1. One Day Specialist Training (Taster Day)

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1. One Day Specialist Training (Taster Day)

Availability : Yes


It's basically the first day of a full Elementary Paragliding course, with the focus being on getting you flying for yourself under radio instruction and take-off and landing guidance. If you enjoy it you can simply carry on to day two of the BHPA's Elementary Paragliding Certificate.


What will I do?

After some admin and a short theory session you'll go flying! You will normally have 2-6 solo flights on your day taster from varying heights depending on your ability, the site, and the conditions on the day.

Will I be scared?

Maybe, but we doubt it. All training in paragliding is progressive, you go at your own pace so you are comfortable with each new step before you take it. We want you to have fun and we will doing everything possible to ensure you have a great day.

When can I take my day taster?

We operate within 20 miles of Keswick, from April to November, so all you have to do is call us to arrange a suitable day. Then call the office the day before you are booked to fly to confirm the weather is suitable for training. All being well, come to the office at 10Am on the day, where we will arrange the administration and alocate you with your own glider and equipment. We will then drive in the Landrover to the training site.

Is it insured?

Your course fee includes insurance. All our training is provided in accordance with strict BHPA guidelines, who also provide the insurance. We do offer addition personal accident insurance for an extra premium. You will be given a comprehensive briefing on the various options available to you at the first briefing but if you require more details the please contact the office we'd be happy to help.

Do I have to be fit?

You have to be able to walk up and down hills at your pace, so yes you do have to be fit. If you are registered desabled then you can get a scholarship from flyability and come on our specialist courses using buggy's designed by us. But if you can walk then it is easy to just walk up and down from the landing to the take off.

What next?

On a good flyable day we would expect you to have completed several solo flights by the end of the day. All your flights and training phases are written into your log book and kept by the school as a record. Whether you chalk the day up to experience as a great day out or if you decide that this is the one! That is down to you. If you decide that you wish to continue training, then just call the office and book onto an EP course and all the logged training will part of your course which will save you a day if you went to another school.

If you have any questions about the taster day, or if you wish to arrange a special gift or group booking, then please call the office on 017687 71442. We are here to help.

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