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Air Design Eazy 2

As your first glider, the EAZY doesn‘t just get you through initial training easily, but also helps you develop your flying skills once you leave the school. Thanks to its performance and agile handling, it is the perfect choice for your first solo flights after school and for those pilots who seek the maximum safety that the EN A class offers.
In 5 sizes covering in flight weight of 50 - 125kg

Air Design Eazy 2

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Air Design say; "All of us at AirDesign love flying and we hope that by providing appropriate equipment we can help beginner pilots share our passion. This is why we have developed the EAZY, a glider specifically designed for newcomers to paragliding. Thanks to its maximum security and impressive performance for an EN A class glider, the EAZY will guarantee long-term fun, not only while you learn the basics but also afterwards as you start to extend your boundaries. During development we focussed our attention on the requirements of student pilots. We worked closely with a number of flying schools and this allowed us understand and analyse their specific needs and the needs of their students. The result is that we designed the EAZY to be as easy and fun as possible! As the name EAZY suggests, takeoff is easy! For simplicity, the `EAZY-Launch´ technique will help you learn to feel and understand your glider during the first stage of learning and ensure flawless launch technique as you progress. ‘AirDesign Comfort in Flight’ is becoming renowned throughout all the gliders in our range. The pilot who is in control feels relaxed and confident. The outstanding stability of the EAZY and the ease with which any turbulence is absorbed will help you enjoy stress free flying. The long brake travel is very forgiving and pressure progressive. For landing just a strong flare is needed to land accurately every time. Pitch and roll stability is not coincidental since EAZY was developed based on the profiles of the successful PURE and VOLT. The combination of stability, trim speed and outstanding performance, make it easy to fly the EAZY with full contol and maximise your flight time in all conditions. The EAZY XXS is the smallest EN-LTF A glider with the biggest weight range of 50 - 80 kg certified As flying equipments get lighter, the take-off weight also decreases. Particularly small, light and young pilots don’t like to carry extra ballast with them. For training purposes we recommend the maximum weight range of 65kg. Within the weight range of 65 – 80 kg, it is intended as a hike & fly mountain glider, and for pilots who would like to fly small canopies without loosing the advantages of a paraglider. The EAZY XXS is not a mini-wing, yet it has similar properties. Its advantages over a mini-wing are higher passive safety (EN-LTF A), easier flying behaviour and better glide as well as its thermalling abilities. The glider is very forgiving, and its easy take-off and landing behaviours remain the same. In keeping with our philosophy we design gliders that correspond with the pilot profile of the respective class. That is why we don’t recommend the XXS in the upper weight range of 65 – 80 kg for beginners and for training purposes ; speed and agility increase due to the higher wing loading (see technical data). "
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