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BGD Adam

The Adam is our EN/LTF-A certified wing, designed for beginners or leisure pilots. Durable Dominico D30 tissue constructs 34 enhanced clean cells into a safe, 4.8kg paraglider. I believe smooth panels and uncorrupted ribs bring stability to my paragliders so I designed the Adam with Cord Cut Billow (CCB). By adding CCB to the leading edge’s top panel the 3D bulge wraps around the rib without deforming it.

BGD Adam

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This is the first glider of this level to which I have added mini-ribs on the trailing edge. Normally large celled paragliders without mini ribs have a lot of billow near the trailing edge and around the brake fold. When this billow is folded down with a brake input everything gets pulled out of shape. Mini ribs reduced the billow around the brake fold creating more responsive brake input and a cleaner brake fold.

The Adam comes in a lot of color. We have found that being seen in the air and on the ground is safe for instructors and new pilots. Bright colors help.

Bruce's Notes

I have been designing paragliders since 1990 and this is by far the best EN-A glider I have ever made. Back in those days, the Black Magic DHV-1 was designed from a basic parachute with unsupported cells and square box cell design. It worked but needed improvement.

Over the years we have come a long way. CCB and mini-ribs creates fitted 3D cells, unsupported cells are supported with diagonal ribs and span wise bands clean up the bottom surface. All this new technology has greatly improved the safety and performance of beginner wings.

For the Adam I believe I have found the best combination of simplicity and technology. It launched really easy, flies responsively, and has the highest safety rating available. I would even let my kids fly it.


  • Top surface: Dominico N30
  • Bottom surface: Dominico N30
  • Internal structure: Dominico D30 DFM
  • Nose reinforcing: Plastic wire 2,3mm and 2,7 mm
  • Risers: 20 mm black Nylon webbing
  • Pulleys: Sprenger HS
  • Top lines: DSL70
  • Middle lines: TSL 140
  • Lower lines: TSL 280
  • Brakes: DSL70


  S M ML L  
Linear scaling factor 0.94 1 1.05 1.10  
Projected area 18.56 21.00 23.15 25.41
Flat area 22.09 25.00 27.56 30.25
Glider weight 4.3 4.9 5.4 5.9 kg
Total line length 243 275 303 333 m
Height 6.30 6.67 7.00 7.80 m
Number of main lines 3/4/3 A/B/C
Cells 34  
Flat aspect ratio 4.465  
Projected aspect ratio 3.22  
Root cord 2.82 3.00 3.14 3.29 m
Flat span 9.96 10.59 11.12 11.65 m
Projected span 7.73 8.22 8.64 9.05 m
In-flight weight range 55-75 70-95 90-110 105-130 kg
Trim speed 38 km/h
Top speed 50 km/h
Min sink 1.0 m/sec
Best glide 8.0  
Certification EN/LTF-A


Colour option

Adam EN/LTF-A : Fiji
Adam EN/LTF-A : Iceland
Adam EN/LTF-A : India
Adam EN/LTF-A : Mexico
Adam EN/LTF-A : Apple
Adam EN/LTF-A : Cobalt
Adam EN/LTF-A : Jade
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