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Niviuk Skin 3P

The new Skin 3 P is the lightest model in the Plume series ever produced. A new generation of single-surface wings designed for those who push hike & fly to the limit. Now more agile and versatile than ever.

Niviuk Skin 3P

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The Skin P series surpasses itself with a new, more efficient and lighter version: the Skin 3 P. An EN B certified wing that allows you to experience the wonders of an ultralight single-surface wing.

The new Skin 3 P revolutionises the concept of lightweight as we have known it and offers the perfect balance between weight, performance and durability. A wing that can reach a higher speed and offers more fun with a simpler and more efficient maneuverability, in comparison to its previous generation.

The wing’s flying characteristics are very similar to that of a conventional wing, which means it can be flown in thermals and strong wind conditions without compromising on safety and comfort. Much more stable than any single-surface glider on the market. From the moment of inflation and throughout the flight, the Skin 3-P allows you to fly even at high altitudes amongst high peaks with confidence. Dare to undertake all the vol-biv adventures you have ever dreamed of.

The use of ultralight materials (Porcher Skytex 27), combined with the application of the various Niviuk technologies resulted in a lightweight, comfortable and extremely versatile paraglider.

In terms of the wing’s structure, the Skin 3 P features a new self-inflating leading edge that means greater wing cohesion and facilitates higher speeds. Its internal structure has been completely redesigned. Based on the combination of ribs and diagonals, it has an optimal load distribution and this has allowed us to reduce the total lineset by more than 40%.

A new system of tensioning of the materials, first used when making the Icepeak Evox competition wing, prevents any type of deformation that degrades or hinders its thermal performance and contributes to its maneuverability.

Another new innovation are its ultralight risers. Based on a combination of 6 mm Dyneema lyros webbing and 3 mm Dyneema rope, they incorporate a revolutionary new trimmer system widely used in high performance wings. Thanks to this new design the wing features a trimmer system with a simple, easy-to-use, very light and without metal parts that increase the final weight, since each riser only weighs 45 g including the brake handles and the trimmer system.

Thus the Skin 3 P has a longer brake travel and therefore better passive safety. The pilot can more accurately control the speed of the wing and ensure a more precise landing with a smoother flare.

The Skin 3 P also incorporates the ultralight IKS connection system between the risers and the lines. This system is based on a simple Dyneema loop provided with its own locking and blocking system. The use of Nitinol (TNT) in the profile reduced the weight even further and this ensures a more uniform inflation for a better and easier take off.

Without a doubt, the Skin 3 P is the ultimate in lightness, but it also incorporates everything necessary for any paragliding and high mountain enthusiast to feel safe and confident to complete any adventures.

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