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Ozone Atom 3

The Atom 3 replaces the Element series of intro school gliders.

This incredibly safe and solid wing is designed for all levels of student training from first flights to soaring, top landing, thermalling and qualification

Available in 5 sizes starting at an all up weight of 45kg and going up to 125kg, and 3 colour options plus Ozone's custom colours.




Ozone Atom 3

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The ultimate school wing:

Designed for teaching success Incredibly safe and solid

Easiest launch we have ever seen

Based on fifteen years of student-wing development

Unparalleled ease of use, from inflation to flare.


Ozone say;

The Atom 3 may be one of the safest and simplest-to-use wings that we have ever flown, but it is complex in its simplicity. A serious amount of design research and testing has been invested into this new wing and after what has been an extensive beta phase of testing, we are very happy with the results.

The Atom 3 is sure to become a favourite with instructors and students alike - we believe there is no better wing to learn with. Particular attention has been made to the inflation behavior and ground-handling characteristics. A new concept of significantly shorter overall line lengths and a super-simple riser design help the Atom 3 to make paragliding as easy as it can be. In nil-wind conditions, the inflation is incredibly easy, occurring with minimal input and without deformation of the chord or leading edge. Actually, there is no need to even use the A risers; the Atom 3 it inflates with the lightest of forward pressure, yet the leading edge remains strong and open even when forced by heavy-handed inputs.

There is a good level of feedback from the risers, allowing the pilot to learn from the position of the wing and to make the necessary adjustments. In the lightest of winds, the Atom 3 has a tendency to rest overhead and forgive misguided inputs. This quality makes ground handling both fun and safe, and students are more likely to nail a perfect launch on their first day of training with the Atom 3. In the air, the Atom 3 is simple to fly. It is roll and pitch damped for solidity and reliability, with a progressive feel in the brakes for controlled and coordinated turns and an effective flare. The sink rate performance is suited for ridge soaring throughout the safe teachable window. Even in light conditions the wing is designed to top land comfortably. However, when designing this wing, glide performance was the least important consideration and, as a result, students will be less likely to overshoot the landing field. The overall brake range is exceptionally long, with a very slow stall speed, making it very difficult for a student to inadvertently stall or spin. While the Atom 3 is incredibly forgiving, it is also enjoyable to fly, and instructors will appreciate handling that is agile and precise enough for slow-speed tight landings and fun demonstration flights.

The risers are simple and uncluttered with an effective but short-range speed system that will help any instructor to relax while guiding pilots through the use of a paraglider’s features. Certified well within the requirements of EN A, the Atom 3 is available for a wide weight range and has all of the crucial ingredients for what we think is a perfect glider to learn the sport of paragliding.

A low price, high durability, overall ease of use, and uncompromised safety have all combined to make this glider the favoured workhorse for instructors and schools.

The Atom 3 is the wing that we would have liked to learn on!

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