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Skywalk Range Air

Air Inflated Lightweight Harness - More than just light

Skywalk Range Air

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Our lightweight pod harness RANGE AIR is not just one of the lightest fully enclosed harnesses with LTF/EN certification on the market – the unique concept scores high marks in areas such as aerodynamics, packing volume and safety. Tested by the world’s toughest adventurers during the X-Alps 2013, the 1,9 kg serial version is a must have for pilots who want to optimize their equipment in terms of weight and aerodynamics.

The RANGE AIR has proven itself with a clever concept that makes it possible for not only X-Alps pros to fly an ultra light pod harness. The 3D single layer main seat adapts itself perfectly to your body and paves the way for hours of relaxed flying for XC pilots and hike&fly competitors, even in strong thermals.

Once you are used to the RANGE AIR, it’s hard to go back to a larger volume harness. Huge rucksacks with heavy XC equipment are now a thing of the past.
3D Single Layer Mainseat   Straps   Protector with Rigid Foil    Aerodynamic rear wing

3D "Single Layer" Mainseat

The 3D »Single Layer« main seat is based on the hammock system and adapts to the anatomy of the pilot. The advantages of this harness are extreme weight savings and a perfect fit for almost every back.


At any time in flight the position of the pilot is adjustable by straps.

Protector with "Rigid Foil"

The protector as well as the aerodynamic tail is filled by two laterally attached valves. These valves have a back pressure valve and are stiffened by »Rigid Foil« technology, which is known from the use in the canopy of our gliders. The valve is especially light and above all not susceptible to bending during packaging and compressing in the bag.

Aerodynamic rear wing

The »aerodynamic rear wing«, optimized at »Daimler wind tunnel« inflates to the incoming air and carries out the flow behind the shoulders and pilot‘s head back together. The aerodynamic drag is reduced significantly.
80l rear storage compartment   Side pockets   Frontcontainer + cockpit   Pack size

80l rear storage compartment

The RANGE AIR has a huge rear storage compartment with 80 liter volume capacity, which offers sufficient space for spare clothes, pack bag and other equipment. The »Clou«: Around the YKK zipper is a sewn net, which unlike conventional harnesses, prevents that equipment get thrown in the actual back protector. The valve could be jammed and the inflation of the dynamic pressure protector can be stopped, which occurs a high safety hazard. This dangerous maloperation is not possible with the RANGE AIR.

Side pockets

Two side pockets offer room to carry e.g. cereal bars or smaller digital cameras, which can be secured by securing loops.

Frontcontainer + Cockpit

The RANGE AIR is fitted with a frontcontainer, which can be hooked in with the maincarabiner. The cockpit offers enought space for 3-4 flight instruments. On the backside it has also a pocket, which can be closed with a zipper.

Pack size

Because of its`construction the RANGE AIR can be packed very easy with a minimal pack size.


Technical Data

EN, LTF certified Maximum load 110 kg   
Size S M L
Pilot body height (cm) < 170 170 - 183 > 182
Distance between carabiners (cm) 39 41 43
Weight (g) 1900 2100 2300
Volume of reserve container max. (ccm³) 3400 4000 4500
Volume of reserve container min. (ccm³) 2040 2400 2700
Protector ram-air protector ram-air protector ram-air protector

weight of harness excl. aluminium carabiners, incl. parachute container

Additional Info

Harness Type Light Weight / Hike-n-Fly, Pod, XC
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