Cross Country Courses

Are you an XC hound or a newbie pilot looking to polish your thermalling skills.... Join us as we chase the sun around the world, exploring new sites and finding the best weather to maximize your flying potential

You are welcome to reserve a spot on any of our trips, without any obligation to pay now. We can pencil you in and request payment before the start of the trip, once the travel situation resolves safely.

January / February

Colombia XC

Making use of the now legendarily reliable and relaxing conditions of the flatlands and mountains along the whole Cauca valley, there is no better way to escape the post Christmas blues than come to hot Colombia and fly XC with us over stunning green and scenery.


Bulgaria XC

With epic conditions in August, Shumen in Bulgaria offers a launch to suit every wind direction and the potential to fly long XC. Last year we flew a 165km pb and will be gunning for 200km+ flights this year.


Macedonia XC

Held before the Chabre Open in Laragne and before the Krushevo Open in Macedonia, this is the perfect opportunity to recce the area, learn typical comp routes and get top strategy advice from Jocky.


Bir Billing, India XC

Escape’s annual pilgrimage to Bir, the Himalayan XC mecca. Whether you want to soar along the endless mountain range, building your air experience and increasing your distances, or just thermalling high to the cloudbase and admiring the magnificent mountains behind, Bir has it all.


Billing, India Vol Biv

Are you looking for a Vol Biv adventure ? Flying hard all day long and top landing on a high mountain peak, to spend the night with a campfire amongst the stars. Make your own coffee and take-off the next morning. Perfect for those looking for an adventure in the Himalayas.

November / December

Quixada, Brazil XC

Are you READDY ? After an epic trip this year, we are taking skilled and competent pilots in Nov/Dec again, to push PBs with flights ranging 200-300kms. Not for the faint-hearted, this is an expert only trip.

The Escape Advantage

1:1 performance coaching with Jocky Sanderson, British team leader, who will take you on the hill and observe and coach through improving all aspects of your XC flying techniques

Escape guide from 1:1 up to 1:5 guide to pilot ratio, depending on the course intensity and area. This enables the highest standard of attention and guidance for pilots.

As part of your personal coaching Escape guide always have a 1:1 mid course briefing celebrating your achievement and highlighting areas you can develop in improve in the future.

All Escape international guides have a wealth of local knowledge and experience of flying in the ares they guide in.

At Escape we appreciate you have invested a great deal of time and money in coming flying with us, so we aim to deliver by flying for as long and as far as each day allows.

The Escape logistics team are dedicated and experienced in providing researched and rehearsed ground support through the tour, enabling you to focus on your flights.

Snapshots From Our Recent Trips

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