Flight Park 
Service Centre

Drawing on over 30 years of paragliding experience, using the latest machines and testing equipment, the Flight Park provide a professional repair, re-pack and testing service for individual pilots, clubs and schools.

The Flight Park is currently open for services, reserves and repacks.
Our current turn-around time is about 10 days

Reserve & Harness Repack

For £60, our skilled technicians will check deployment, air and re-pack, and then check routing and deployment system, before signing off and sending it back to you. So that when the RASP reads red you can be straight out of the house and on the right hill, safe in the knowledge that your kit is fully functioning. 

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Glider Service

For £95 we provide a full glider service that includes checking the porosity of the fabric at various points along the top and bottom surface, a thorough canopy of the leading and trailing edges, cell walls, and stitching for signs of any wear and tear. Our technicians will apply small patches, where required, within reason.

All the risers, maillons, pulleys, brakes, magnets and connectors are checked. Followed by measuring sample lines and a symmetry check, finishing with a line strength check on a selection of main, mid and upper lines.

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We do NOT service or trim NOVA gliders. 

Line Change & Material Repair

We have a state-of-the-art workshop, with a large light inspection table, hang points to lay out and suspend the whole glider and 5 specialist sewing machines that can stitch and repair lines, risers, glider fabric, harnesses and rucksacks. 

Email us with pictures of your kit and we will get back with a quote for repair after inspecting the damage. Repair rates starting from £25/hour. Line replacements starting from £15 per line. We can replace, fit and trim your line or just send you a replacement.

Top Quality Service

State-of-the-art workshop

Laser track for line measurements and glider trim, for line lengths up to 9.5 metres with an accuracy of +/-1mm

Large light inspection table for detailed glider canopy surface inspection

Hang-points and bar to suspend the entire wing for canopy inspection and line fitting

JDC Porosity meter with attachments for measuring porosity across the top and bottom surface of the wing, even with small cells

Tensiometer for line strength check

Betsometer to check material strength

Often in good weather, gliders are ground handled at the end of the service to ensure all-round service check

Timescale & Reports

Estimated timeline given at the time of booking

Normal delivery within 10 days

Fast tracked service at a premium of £25, completed with 2-3 days

Free fast-tracked service for Escape pilots in 
the loyalty program

Detailed reports with every repack and service

If during services, we find that repairs are required, then the delivery timescales may change

Call us on +44 17687 78825 to speak to our service technician about your kit.


  • Solo Glider Service                                    
  • Tandem Glider Service                          
  • Full Line Check & Retrim                         
  • Solo Reserve Repack Only                    
  • Solo Reserve Repack (Fit & Check)     
  • Tandem Reserve Repack Only           
  • Tandem Reserve (Fit & Check)            
  • New Mid / Upper Line (Make & Fit)        
  • New Mid / Upper Line (Make & Ship)     
  • New Base Line (Make & Ship)                 
  • Repair Work (per hour)                            

The Flight Park Service Centre

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