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British Paragliding Team support T-shirt & Cap


Our national team are world champions and our pilots happy to sacrifice a lot of time and money to commit to  training and competitions in order to be selected to represent their great country. 

Running the national paragliding team costs money and although we have continued support and funding from the BHPA, our national association, we often find that their kind financial contributions often still leave the pilots having to pay for essentials in order to represent their country in the Worlds & Europeans.  The pilots are happy to pay for this, and they continue to do so, but  with your support, the extra funding this will help relieve some financial burden and enable  them focus on the job they love so much which is to fly and compete, keeping our country No 1 on the world stage.

We hope that the extra revenue generated from this support scheme we will also  be able us to develop the new under 25 Worlds team and enable us to invest in more coaching schemes for women and support younger pilots who may have the skill, time, and dedication, but not the funds to travel and compete.

We do not ask for just funding, we would like to give something back and share in the pride we have when representing our country and you have in supporting us. So we are selling the sport nylon T-shirt and Cap  in a £50 package. All profits will go directly the the British Paragliding Team.

On Behalf of the team, thank you for your support.