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BERKAY NAL SIV/ACRO 23-28 July, 2024


I have worked with Berkay Nal for over five years and have always admired the way he teaches and fly's. He is immensely dedicated and skilled and shares my passion in delivering honest and accurate flight skills training from pilotage, through SIV, to Acro.

Berkay is a BHPA training Instructor, speaks perfect English, is accredited test pilot with Air Turquoise, the folks that test your gliders, and is highly ranked in the acro  worlds series.  He is a tandem pilot for Skysports in Oludeniz and is the main pilot in our latest YouTube SIV films.  Most importantly he loves teaching and sharing his skills with all levels of pilots.

The standard SIV course Berkay runs in Oludeniz follows our syllabus that has been constantly updated for over 30 years & famous location of Security in Flight films. With very reliable weather in June, July, and August and up to 1500m altitude in the flight zone, you can maximise your learning with multiple repetitions for every manoeuvre, reassured with Berkay's calm voice on the radio. Being a test pilot Berkay, is always current with latest safety developments.

You are taught all aspects of controlling your wing during the SIV, from deflations and wingovers to stall recovery and SATS, (if you wish). Then, when you fly XC, you have the added confidence and skill in glider control, which allows you to focus on positive things like finding lift and coring, which frees your mind and helps you fly further.

We offer 3 formats of training, to suit pilots of all levels. These formats can run in parallel during a course, so for eg, one pilot could be doing pilotage manouevres while the other is perfecting his SAT technique.

Intimate 1 to 3 - pilot courses with Berkay run in June, July  & August
Fees : £725


Pilotage is a mild form of an SIV course, where the pilot focuses more on glider control, manoeuvrability and sensitivity. This builds up your skillset and confidence in turning tightly, understanding the limits and using the pitch to core in thermals etc. 


SIV is designed to give pilots more confidence in their ability and know the limits of your glider. It teaches you recovery techniques for situations you may encounter during a cross-country flight, enabling you to turn a negative into a positive and fly further

Intro to Acro

We teach the main foundation acro moves and acro philosophy, including SATS, tail-slides acro-stall, spins, wingovers and hello-intros

1:1 Instruction

I want you to fly with as little stress as possible, in an exciting and progressive way. 

Although we brief and de-brief as a group, all your SIV flights are 1 to 1, just you and me, so you can perform any manoeuvre and routine, providing you have been briefed to do it prior to taking off. 

We can add or remove, any moves that would help you increase your confidence and glider control skills. 

Safety & Briefings

You will be given detailed briefings & filmed demonstrations prior to each flight. Instruction will be over the radio from Berkay beneath you in the safety boat. Once the group have finished that flight wave, pilots are given an individual de-brief with Berkay using your video footage  to help you develop your skills.

You will be provided with a inflatable collar and a water proof radio bag. 


We film all your flights using a full HD camera and a highly trained cameraman.

These flights are used for debriefing you and handed over to you at the end of the course for your reference and study, free of charge. You just need to bring your SD card or USB stick.

Course Schedule

Initial introductions, briefing and admin on the first day,  followed by one SIV flight. For the next two days, we usually have 2 flights a day, and an a-la-carte flight on the last day. 

The course finishes in 3.5 days, and we keep 1.5 days in hand as bad weather backup. 


Typical course schedule
  • Flight 1 :
    Cadence 360s, Symmetric Tucks, Big ears, Wingovers
  • Flight 2 : 
    Symmetric Tuck + Asymmetric Tuck, Trim & Accelerated  + Wingovers
  • Flight 3 : 
    Asymmetric Tuck Straight & 360s + Search For Spin and Stall
  • Flight 4 : 
    Stalls + Turn reversals + Wingovers
  • Flight 5 : 
    Spirals + Wingovers
  • Flight 6 : 
    Ala Carte - Consolidate on moves, intentionally deploy your reserve or try SATS!
  • Please note this schedule is for reference only, and may change due to weather and/or pilot ability. You will only be asked to do manoeuvres you are comfortable with and capable of performing.

Please be aware of your own physical and mental limits throughout the tour and on each flight. We aim to do a lot of flying and this can be tiring, especially in heat that you may not be used to, so please be realistic and fly within your comfort and skill levels, cut the flight plan early if you feel tired, or if you feel you have had too much of the manoeuvres. We can always change your flight plan to suit what you feel happy dealing with.