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SIV & Pilotage courses

With Jocky Sanderson

April - September - October

SIV - Pilotage - Acro

With Blue World

April - September - October

Get airbone with leisure or coached tandem flights.

Tandem Flights

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Performance Coaching

Improve your skills, either for Cross Country or competition

Jocky Sanderson

Thank you for visiting my website, please feel free to view all the free tutorial films we have made. The more we share knowledge and experiences the better and safer pilots become.

If you have any questions about my courses or services, please don't hesitate to email me directly with any questions. 

I hope you all get much more flying in 2022!


Share your client's stories

I've participated on the Piedechinche Ozone Open directed by Jocky and I have no words how much this event improved my flying.

Matias NombarascoCustomer

It was wonderful flying all together with Jocky in the lead making all the good decisions taking us further across the Colombian skies!

Noe FontCustomer