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Performance Coaching days


Guiding and coaching is my passion and I feel  seeing a pilot's skill and confidence grow is my greatest reward. By coaching in very small 1:1 to 1:3 gaggles I can really focus on the finer points of each pilots skill, zooming in on coring efficiency and speed to fly. Showing pilots where to go and when, and how to select the best thermic zones and then how to work the cores to maximum effect.

The days start with flight plan briefing and kit familiarise, then we go to the best XC site and fly the task. Naturally staying in the air for the longest Tim and covering distance is a priority, so the tasks can change to suit the best weather conditions. During the flight pilots receive air-to-air instruction from myself, assisting with flight line decisions and improving thermalling skills.

After the flight we will be retrieved, or get a bus, depending on the country, and we will head back for a post flight de-brief using 3D tracking to enhance the learning experience.

Performance techniques addressed:-

Packing and selecting kit

Instrument and settings

Route planning and weather reading

Ground handling

Soaring and scratching

Thermalling & coring

Speed to fly

Decision making

Sports psychology 

Landing approach 

Post Flight de-briefing.

Pricing per guide day:

£200 1 pilot

£150 each, for 2 Pilots 

£100 each, for 3 pilots